Washington DC – Full Kee

Waaaay back in October, my Asian-American Studies class went to DC for the Asian Pacific American Film Festival, and we had dinner at Full Kee, which is a Chinese (Cantonese) restaurant in the DC’s tiny little Chinatown. The meal was alright. It wasn’t mindblowingly amazing, but it was decent. I guess I was expecting more, so I was disappointed.


A group of us ordered 叉烧, which is a kind of grilled, marinated pork. I am the worst at translating these names, so forgive me.

Peking Duck

Also, we ordered Peking Duck, which was pretty good. I love the sauce.


CM’s favoritest of all: 白切鸡 chicken with soy sauce mixture, except their sauce wasn’t soy based. It was really different and had a lot of ginger. I didn’t like it as much as the usual soy sauce.

Scallops with Mixed Vegetables

Scallops with Mixed Vegetables: I luuurrrve scallops. This was good, but nothing special. It had a very Chinese-American taste to it…


干煸四季豆 Stir fried string beans, which was fine. It had a lot of flavor, but it was really oily and just reeked of unhealthiness.

Eggplant with Shrimp Paste in Black Bean Sauce

I actually really liked this last dish: Eggplant with Shrimp Paste and Black Bean Sauce. Black bean sauce is delicious with anything, and I love all food that use black beans. Black bean isn’t the right term because these aren’t the type of black beans you find in burritos. It’s actually fermented soy beans, and it has a very distinct flavor of saltiness and slight spiciness.

Overall, not the best Chinese meal that I’ve had, but the place was decent. Plus, the restaurant was PACKED with people, so it looks like their business is going well.

Full Kee
509 H Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001-2619

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