The Marrow

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2014 annual letter came out in January, and I’ve had it in my to-read folder for a long time. In this letter, Bill and Melinda Gates address 3 common myths about global poverty and aid:

1. Poor countries are doomed to stay poor.
2. Foreign aid is a big waste.
3. Saving lives leads to overpopulation.

I think this is a very well-written and inspirational document that should be circulated to as many people as possible. I know through my small experiences in fundraising for charities and volunteering, that working towards a charitable goal can be frustrating. The question in the back of my mind has always been “Am I actually making a difference?” What I love about this letter is that it is both incriminating in pointing out our shortsightedness and yet encouraging in showing us the life-giving impact that global aid can and does make. Give it a read and send it to all your friends.

Now onto the food part!

The Marrow brings us German and Italian food, representing the two sides of Chef and Owner Harold Dieterle’s heritage. For a restaurant in this price range, they serve a really affordable brunch. If you are not down for spending $40+ on a dinner, brunch is the perfect meal to come and try the food.


Brioche pain perdu is basically french toast, and it is paired with duck liver mousse, plum compote, and vermont maple syrup. Duck liver mousse and french toast?! Surprisingly, it works! The combination was interesting and yummy. I would say though that the duck liver still had a bit of iron taste to it, which I would prefer it not to have at all. Also, this is a very sweet plate, so for someone like me, it was too much sugar to finish.


My friend’s choice was steamed eggs with cauliflower creamed kale, gravlax, and grilled bread, and she really liked this dish. The portion size is just the right amount so you don’t feel unbearably full afterwards.

At the end of the meal, they bring out a little dish of homemade cookies, which is a lovely touch evoking all kinds of warm and fuzzies. I wish all restaurants did this.

The Marrow
99 Bank St (btw Hudson St & Greenwich St) New York, NY 10014

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    1. More to come!! 🙂 Also, I’m really sad I don’t have pictures of Monell’s so I can’t write about it. I still salivate at the very name.

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